Friday, 14 January 2011

Episode 21, + Weekly FAQ



And now, introducing... the Fort Paradox Weekly FAQ, #1!

(Since nobody's actually asked any questions yet, I'm just going to make one up.  Here goes.)

Q: Am I allowed to leave comments on Fort Paradox?
A: Of course you are.  If you weren't, we'd have disabled the comments function by now.

- MGHC / The Colclough (on behalf of itself & TMJ & SRJ)

1 comment:

  1. How do you decide what format to do each episode in? (as in hand drawn, computer, colour, b/w [yes, I know that's not very technical but I hope you know what I mean!])

    Why avocado smoothie? Why not banana? Because banana's are good. Always take a banana to a party... *cough* sorry, getting sidetracked there.

    Oh, just realised the tag at the bottom of this one says 'microsoft paint'. Why did you choose microsoft paint?

    I hope you appreciate these rather rubbish questions!

    Hannah =)