Friday, 10 June 2011

Episode 58 (and a bonus feature!)

Script by MGHC & TMJ & SRJ --- Artwork by BASC


And here's something that I should have posted along with Episode 57 on Tuesday, but forgot to add: our first episode in stereoscopic 3-D!

I've rendered it with the red-cyan anaglyphic process, so to view it you'll need a red filter over your left eye, and a green, cyan or blue filter over your right.  My own homebrew 3-D specs use the cellophane wrapper off a cherry-liqueur chocolate for red, and a Lego windscreen element for blue, but you could cheat and use 'proper' stereo specs if you've got any handy.  Which I haven't.

By the way: don't get used to this.  It isn't going to be a regular feature!