Tuesday, 13 December 2011

FP Backstage: The Rise and Fall of Bubble-07

It's all Matthew's fault, really. And Oney's. Allow me to explain: first things first, you'll need to watch Alpha One's Quantum Shampoo, and take special notice to the cgi title sequence, which was kindly created and animated by Matt. In order to keep track of all the different cgi elements for the sequence, Matt named all the bubbles, giving them the designations Bubble-01, Bubble-02, Bubble-03 etc. etc. You can see where this is going... Someone (I can't remember who) suggested that the name Bubble-07 would be a good premise for a story. I started to write a story, but got 'writer's block' two episodes in, as I'd backed myself into a bit of a hole story-wise.

So, I present, Bubble-07: All Two Episodes Of It.

Okay, it's not great, I agree with you. That's why I stopped writing it. If you're extra observant, you'll have noticed that the recording icon swapped from the left-hand side of the panel in Bubble-07, to the right-hand side of the panel in Fort Paradox. There's no great rhyme or reason, other than, in retrospect, I thought it would have looked better of the right, so I swapped it round for Fort Paradox.

There was talk of Bubble's continuity being resurrected in 2010, but it never came to anything, so when Fort Paradox was being developed, we decided to include Bubble in that, instead of trying to milk out a story from the ruins of the failed comic.

-TMJ (on behalf of himself, MGHC and SRJ)

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  1. River Song's long lost and better brother... maybe??