Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Pop Quiz: Edwin

Fort Paradox Pop Quiz: Edwin

Q: Describe yourself in five words?
Edwin: Gardener, Pensioner, Practically-minded, Conservative, Civilised.  Sorry - can I count 'Practically-minded' as one word?

Q: That's fine.  What's your favourite colour?
Edwin: Green. Especially the warm, living green of a new leaf in the sun in April or May.  That's my horticultural hobby showing through there.

Q: Favourite number?
Edwin: Four. It’s a very practical number.

Q: What do you miss most from your life before Fort Paradox?
Edwin: Everything.  Absolutely Everything.

Q: Um, right... so, what do you enjoy most about life on board Fort Paradox?
Edwin: I’m not really enjoying it as such… mind you, that garden centre is quite good.

Q: What would your perfect day be like?
Edwin: Just pottering around the garden. Maybe meet up with a friend for coffee or lunch. A good book in the evening, with a hot chocolate.

Q: Where would you most like to visit?
Edwin: I’d quite like to see the German Christmas markets sometime. That, or Vienna.

Q: And finally: Beethoven or Bieber?
Edwin: Beg pardon - Beethoven or what?

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