Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Pop Quiz: Cylinder

Haven't made our minds up yet whether it'd be best to post the Pop Quiz separately on Tuesdays or to include it with the Friday episodes.  I thought I'd go with Tuesday this week, on an experimental basis.


Fort Paradox Pop Quiz: Cylinder

Q: Describe yourself in five words?
Cylinder: Crazy, Enthusiastic, Spontaneous, Joie-de-vivre, and... um... Sunglasses.

Q: What's your favourite colour?
Cylinder: Yellow.  Custard yellow.  I wouldn't change my voice colour to custard yellow, because it wouldn't be very readable against light backgrounds, but it's my favourite colour overall.

Q: Favourite number?
Cylinder: Oh, I don't know.  I'm not really the sort to get excited about numbers; I'm more into shapes and colours and ideas and stuff.  But maybe 42, because of Hitchhiker's Guide, if I really had to choose one.

Q: What do you miss most from your life before Fort Paradox?
Cylinder: Oh, not much, really.  Having said that, it was nice having my sentient, preservative-steeped sprig of broccoli to keep me organised, and if I stay here long then I'm sure I'll start missing my airship, and my custard jacuzzi, and Shoppy's habit of making pithy metaphysical statements with really appalling grammar.  And I've left some other friends behind too, which is kind of a shame.  But I mean, I've just said a lot of words, which makes it sound like I'm grumpy here, but I'm really enjoying it actually.

Q: What do you enjoy most about life on board Fort Paradox?
Cylinder: The variety.  As in, it's really different from my normal life; all new places and new people and whatever, so I'm really enjoying the adventure aspect.

Q: What would your perfect day be like?
Cylinder: All my friends and an insane amount of pizza and lemonade, all hanging out in... well, anywhere really - it's the people that make the difference, more than the place.  Just talking and messing around and stuff.  Having fun.

Q: Where would you most like to visit?
Cylinder: That's a good one.  I've done so many places already, and there are so many still to go... you know what, just point me to the horizon.  Seriously, I'll explore wherever this ship takes me.

Q: And finally: you have a noted fondness for puddings.  How many fillings do you have?
Cylinder: I don't know.  I think Albert's got some tins of black cherry sauce in the cupboard, and plenty of custard - that's a great pie filling, if you ask me, cherries and custard - but I don't spend my time counting them.

Q: I meant fillings in your teeth.
Cylinder: Oh, that sort of fillings.  Sorry.  None - I do like me some pudding, but I also have an encyclopaedic first-hand knowledge of toothpastes.

Q: Well, that's it.  Thanks for participating!
Cylinder: Any time.


Q for the readers: Which character(s) would you like to interview next?
A: in the comments area...

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