Friday, 18 February 2011

Episode 26, + Weekly FAQ

Script by MGHC & TMJ --- Artwork by TMJ


Fort Paradox Weekly FAQ #6

(from hannahlikessheep*baa*)

Q: Which medium do you each prefer to work with?
A: Well, my favourite medium is felttip/marker pen and paper (episodes 9, 10 and 23 and all of Brothers in Shells were drawn with a Paper Mate Flair, and I've just drawn an episode with a Sharpie). As for SRJ and MGHC: Sarah's is probably photos (coming soonish!); Matthew says he has the most fun doing pencil drawings, but he likes the results better from CGI or four-biro artwork even though they're a pain to do.


And if you haven't checked the Fort Paradox page for a few days, then you'll be pleased to know that posting will return to twice weekly next week. See the last blog for more on the updates, plus a preview of what's coming up!

-TMJ (on behalf of himself & MGHC & SRJ)

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